We are Swedish but living in London, and started MillaMia in 2009. Our Swedish heritage is hugely important to us. Having lived all over the world as we were growing up, the one constant we had was spending time every summer in Sweden. Eight weeks a year in the countryside of Sweden meant plenty of time to learn traditional crafts such as knitting to pass the time.

Our background influences the MillaMia style which is based on the distinctive Swedish aesthetic - clean and contemporary yet with a fun, bright edge. Qualities ideally suited to children's and baby wear.

As knitters we were not that inspired by the patterns on offer for baby and children's wear in the market today, and realising that there was a knitting renaissance underway, we saw a gap for stylish, modern baby and children's hand knitting patterns. Patterns that had a real design edge but still easy to knit and practical to use.

With a background in fashion design we were able to do something about this gap in the market. Our designs are not constrained by conventional knitting or what has gone before. Taking account of current trends while at the same time directing our collections towards designs that you actually want to make and keep for years. This has allowed us to differentiate our patterns from what is already available today, and by working with the most experienced knitting technicians we have ensured that all the designs are suitable for hand knitting and manageable for most levels of knitters.