We realise that not everyone can knit, or has someone that can knit for them. Yet you may wish to dress your children in the MillaMia designs.

If this is the case we suggest you find someone who can knit the items for you. There are many avid knitters who are looking for projects and who will often knit to order for a small fee.

The best way to find such people is to ask at your Local Yarn Shop, do a quick search on the internet, or even to log on to Ravelry and post a message in the 'test pool' forum on that site:

Please note that when you request an account for Ravelry it may take a few days to come through. Or you can always contact us as we can sometimes recommend people depending on your location.

Some tips when you commision hand knitting

1) Agree a price upfront and a timescale.

2) Ask if they have knitted on commission before and if you can talk to their previous customers.

3) Many knitters keep photographs of their work - ask to see this and check how the items look. Do the stitches look nice and neat and even? Are the garments finished and sewn up neatly with even straight edges?

4) Ask them their approach to work (for instance do they always do a test swatch to check their tension/gauge) explain that this is important to you as you really want the item to be realised as the pattern intends.

5) Ideally start with something small and not too expensive so you can see if you are pleased with their work and approach to the project.

6) Finally be aware that hand knitting is not like machine knitting. It will never be one hundred percent smooth and even. However this is also part of the attraction - it is almost as if you can see the effort and love that has gone into a garment in every stitch.