MillaMia will be publishing our own beginners knitting book 'Making Knitting Easy' in the New Year - full of guides, tips, hints and tools to help you learn to knit or improve your knitting.

If you want to get started earlier however, take a look at any of the following links that will soon help you to master the basics and tackle any of the projects in our knitting kits. If your computer does not allow pop up windows from links try holding the 'control' key down while you click on the links below.

Getting started


Casting on

Knit stitch

Purl stitch (scroll halfway down the page)

Slip stitch
To slip a stitch you literally pass it from one needle to the other rather than knitting it, i.e. is you 'slip' it from the left hand needle to the right.

Knitted fabric

Using a combination of the two basic stitches (knit and purl), you can create any of the following types of knitted fabric:

Garter stitch

Stocking stitch
(also known as 'stockinette stitch' in American)

Moss stitch (also known as 'seed stitch' in American)

Rib stitch
The main thing to remember with ribbing is that knitted stitches are above knitted stitches and purled stitches are above purled stitches.

Working with colour

Horizontal colour stripes

Vertical colour stripes
Basically you use what is called the 'intarsia' method of knitting to create these columns of colour, where you use separate balls (or bits of a ball) of yarn for each bit of colour required.

Finishing off your work

Casting off (also known as 'binding off' in American)

Sewing in ends

Correcting mistakes - how to pick up a dropped stitch